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Hello my name is Cindy and welcome to my website. If you have landed on this page you are probably interested in getting some real and honest information on The Tiara Transformation System.

tiara transformation system

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To be perfectly honest I had no real intentions of creating a review site based off a product I purchased over the internet. However, when I was initially seeking wisdom from current users of the Tiara Transformation Workout Program, I received very little help. You see all of the current sites talking about this program are simply crap. Youtube videos from people who clearly don’t own the program or sites with spammy articles that are illogical.

Therefore my intentions are to give you some honest feedback on my personal experiences with this program and also tell you what it’s about and then let you decide if it’s right for you.

My review is a little long… but thats only because I want to give you enough information. Your health is only one of the biggest things in your life, right, not a place to be skimpy on info.

So lets begin.


Who is Tiara Cameron

tiara cameronTiara Cameron is the creator of the Tiara Transformation System. She didn’t always look like a fitness magazine superstar. Dating back nearly a decade she was a single mom of three children in her thirties. She was 45 pounds overweight, stressed out, overworked, tired and in need of a change.

So what did she do? She began dieting the way you and me are an expert in….so you can guess what happened next. Initially she dropped around 20lbs and then plateaued hard (sound familiar). Overtraining eventually caught up to her and she felt even worse that she did 20lbs ago.

However, instead of giving up she decided to study fitness, become a certified trainer with a near obsessive mentality to learn how the body works so that she would never have to listen to another so caleld “expert” again.

After hundreds of hours of trials and tribulations she ended up dropping the 45lbs, got into the best shape of her life and has since replicated the system on hundreds of woman with great success.

Thus the Tiara Transformation System was born.

Now enough backstory lets get to the review :)


The Review:

Why I Bought the Tiara Transformation System:tiara transformation results

Like one of the customer testimonials on the Tiara workout program website, I too was¬†initially lured in by Tiara’s fitness magazine cover physique. After reading the product page I had a really good feeling about this program. You see I have tried many diets and read over many product pages in my day (as you may have too) on workout and diet programs.

Tiara’s page was completely different, she was a straight talker with no inflated promises, no super hype lingo, no gimmicky sales pitches. This alone got me interested in the program and I ended up purchasing it.


What is the Goal Behind the System:

The Tiara Transformation System is designed to take you from flabby and saggy to toned and lean (duh…I know). It is not designed to turn you into a hamster running on a treadmill six days a week like other diets; or to make you look like a malnourished and scrawny marathon runner (no offense to skinny runners).

It is designed to have you looking like a ballroom dancer or or beach volleyball player. Through surprisingly very little cardio, proper resistance training, real food meal plans and Tiara’s expert advice this is actually achievable (who would have known). It has been thoroughly tested and has a track record of actually achieving this.


What It Contains:

woman exercisesThe Tiara Transformation Program reads like a book. It contains various chapters that will help you to understand, learn and then apply what needs to be done in order for you to drop the pounds and stay fit and toned.

You will cover Tiara’s personal story and how she acquired the body of her dreams after many futile attempts and nearly giving up. You will also be exposed to some of the biggest exercising myths that are holding most people back from their weight loss goals. For me personally there were a few of these that I was guilty of doing that I thought were actually benefiting me.

Tiara will also show you how to exercise to tweak your metabolic rate so that you can burn more fat when you are simply sitting on the couch. Doesn’t get much better than that :)

You are given Tiara’s personal fat burning exercises. After many years of tweaking the system she developed a sequence of exercises that pack the most punch and combined them all together in a specific order to burn the most fat.

She also will provide her expert knowledge to teach you the nitty gritty on all the foods that you thought were “healthy” but actually have sinister fat depositing side effects. I have learned there is a certain way to mix foods together for maximum fat burning results thanks to Tiara.

Through many of her clients across many continents, she learned that at certain ages there are certain ways to workout that are more effective. Before buying the program I myself was guilty of working out more like a 20 year old than a 35 year old. I feel this was a big reason I was never reaching my dieting goals. Tiara will teach you exactly how to workout the best way for you.

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Fun Factor:

Losing weight in any manner is almost never fun but the Tiara System provides enough easy to digest information and variety to keep me going. With two full weeks of printable workout logs, I am able to pick and choose which exercises and routines I feel like doing for that day. Sometimes I am on my feet more than usual and opt for a less lower body intensive workout day or vice versa. Options keep me interested :)

Tiara also includes sprinkles of what are called “Tiara’s Secrets” throughout the book. These are powerful fat blasting shortcut tips that you wont find elsewhere.


Does It Work:

I am in the early stages so I can’t say I have lost 45lbs like Tiara’s past customers of the program. However, I can say that this is one of the first programs/diets (I hate that word) where I am successfully and steadily (key word here) losing weight without feeling like garbage. My energy levels and mood for the most part are actually higher than before the program. I am also not dreaming of bagels and pizza like I was on past starvation diets, for the most part I am completely satisfied. So for me, yes it is working, and extremely well at that.

losing weight


Would I Recommend this Program:

I would definitely recommend this program if anything I have said in this review sounds like something you might want. At the rate I am going and the way I feel I see no reason why I won’t be able to reach my weight loss goals on this program that I have been struggling with for nearly a decade.

Tiara Cameron is a straight talker and expert trainer on weight loss for women. If you have tried everything in the past like me and simply need some real guidance then this is a good choice for you.

If you are like me and dont want to fork out ridiculous amounts for an in the flesh personal trainer, yet still want expert fat burning advice from a real personal trainer; then I thoroughly recommend you at least give the Tiara Transformation System a little more of your attention before giving up hope! I’m sure glad I did :)


Cindy K.

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